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Welcome to a place of fantasy ... of possibilities ... or maybe, impossibilities. 

She wanders amid the trees though the night is dark. She is not afraid, this is her home.
Her hair is nearly white, her garments as ethereal as her gossamer wings. He watches her from the shadows, his eyes following her shadow intently. As the clouds part for an instant, she is gloriously bathed in the moonlight.
He remembers the first time he saw her. Her arms held in a vice-like grip by the soldiers on either side of her. They were not the Queen's soldiers but those of a nearly unspeakable dark force out to catch the magic of the forest folk. What a lucky catch for them and they were not going to let this treasure escape.
He could feel her energy, scared but strong, and he was drawn to it. That aura and her beauty were enough for him to come barreling through the group, swords drawn. He cut down many men that night while she fled again to the comfort of the woods. Doing so had been a costly mistake, attracting the ire of the Dark One and had forced him to live as a fugitive. Every day, he had searched for the one whose face was etched in his memory. At last he had found her.
She felt him in the shadows but for some reason, she did not flee. A force, so strong, commanded her not to leave. As he stepped out into the moonlight, her breath caught in her throat. It was him, the one that had saved her from the rough cruel men. 
They approached each other slowly, each afraid of scaring the other away. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, they stood nearly toe to toe. She looked up into his eyes, her knees nearly buckling at what she saw in them. He reached out and caught her, pulling her into him. She pressed closer, tipping her head back and as she did, his lips met hers. Fire coursed through her veins and in that moment, she knew what had commanded her to stay ...

As you read that story what do you see?  Maybe you envision a scene to be brought to life on paper, in paints or digital media? a story to bury your nose into while tucked into a nice cozy chair? a game where you can be the forest folk or a hero saving them?  a place to truly live the fantasy, a place to feel and experience camaraderie, deceit and maybe even ... love?
If explored deep enough, all these things can be found here.
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